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"Betty Gillies"

Betty Gillies approaches a Republic P-47 to begin preflight inspection.

In 1942, Gillies was the first pilot to qualify for the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron.
She entered the WAFS on September 12, 1942. At this time, she had amassed 14 years of flying
experience, running up a total of 1,400 flying hours to her credit and held various aeronautical ratings

Limited Edition Giclee Print

on acid-free paper, signed and numbered by the artist
Size: 42" X 22"
Edition: 499
Price: $125 (free shipping)

Open Edition Giclee Print

on acid-free paper, signed by the artist
Size: 24" X 13"
Edition: open
Price: $20 + $9.95 shipping & handling

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