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The Jim Wright recreation of the Hughes Racer is a well documented story. At an estimated 35,000 hours of building time and $1 million in development cost, it can be said that this is the most famous experimental aircraft ever built. He and his team painstakingly created a replica of Howard Hughes H-1 Racer without the aid of any plans or top level drawings. On September 13, 2002 it set a new world speed record (category C-1.d) of 304.07 mph at the Reno Stead Airport. This painting depicts Jim on his record setting run.

Limited Edition Giclee Print

on acid-free paper, signed and numbered by the artist
Size: 40" X 18"
Edition: 950
Price: $125 (free shipping)

setting the record

Open Edition Giclee Print

on acid-free paper, signed by the artist
Size: 24" X 11"
Edition: open
Price: $20 + $9.95 shipping & handling

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